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Logistics, shipping and transport ...

- this is our passion. We are a company with years of experience in the TSL industry. We specialize in transport logistics and forwarding services. We are distinguished by our flexible team which adjusts to the client's expectations and approaches each order individually and with full commitment. The company was founded out of passion and love for our work, so we are constantly developing our competence and do everything to ensure that each task entrusted to us is carried out at the highest possible level and according to customer expectations. Precision and professionalism allow us to constantly expand the group of our satisfied business partners.

Where we work

We provide our services both in the national and international area.

We transport neutral, refrigerated, and dangerous goods. We deliver goods directly as well as to many loading and unloading points.

We maintain constant contact with both contractors and drivers during each transport.

We also offer transport services outside the European Union.

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